Test-O-steron – framework for automated testing


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Reproduction of test has never been easier

Test-O-steron is a framework from INVENTI that effectively solves automated testing. There are two options for automated testing solutions on the market: testers automate in purchased tools or do not have a framework and work on pure Selenium or build a framework on the fly.

Market problems are:

  • Expensive licences
  • Unilateral focus of frameworks
  • Great time and financial demands of in- house programming
  • Unsustainability of tests
Make testing easier with the Test-O-steron framework from INVENTI, which tests:
  • Applications
  • Performance
  • Integration

Advantages of Test-O-steron

  • Fully configurable into the environment with DevOps
  • Speaks Java and understands Selenium
  • Tests front-end, back-end and mobile applications
  • Can be customised to customer needs which is not a matter of course
You don’t have to adapt your work to expensive tools. We will adapt the tool to you.

Makes test maintenance much easier

Imagine you have a set of hundreds of tests that you have automated. However, the tests, their steps and their data change during testing. And this is where the bottleneck of testing arises, because each individual test has to be modified, which costs time and money.

Test-O-steron saves and remembers each object. You edit one object, which is updated in all tests. This way, you do not waste time rewriting all the tests. The more objects you have stored in the library, the more Test-O-steron suggests, similar to a whisperer in a browser.

Everything under control

So that you can quickly understand your situation, we will easily connect Test-O-steron to your reporting tool or it can create reports itself.