Automation of ČSOB mobile banking testing






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Is automatization of regression testing for mobile applications a right course to take?  

ČSOB’s mobile banking application is regularly used by hundreds of thousands users and for many, it is also a primary way of communication and manipulation with their bank account. The application’s perfect functionality is as important as its constant development. However, this increases the difficulty not only of developing but also its testing.  As a result, this increases costs and decreases the delay in the release of updates.

In this situation, automation is a preferable solution. To find the right direction of handling such a process and making it effective is a demanding task, in this particular situation.

ČSOB was looking for a dependable and experienced partner that would help with answering this critical question.


Discover, evaluate and propose

Our task was to analyze the current state of the testing processes and define possibilities for new ways throughout the automatized regression testing. On the basis of this strategy we, have proposed a new framework and processes.


New architecture, methods and testing scenarios

Based on long-term experience with many projects in various industries and situations, we were able to quickly map the situation and come up with a functional proposal. This solution included: 

  1. creation of a fully new architecture of core classes and methods,
  2. creation of automated tests:
  • for two independent testing environments,
  • including five basic scenarios,
  • specific for Android and iOS applications.

Used Methods

Best practices tailored to the client’s needs  

In relation to the application development environment and other specific needs of the development team, Java technologies were applied, using Appium and Selenium tools with the TestNG testing framework.


Laying the foundations of automated testing for the future

The developed solution became the first automated testing framework for ČSOB mobile banking. It was successfully put into operation and has proved itself in the daily practice of the development and testing team. It served as a cornerstone for future expansion of automated testing at ČSOB.