Efficiency Gains in ALD Automotive Testing


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Finding room for improvement and creating a new strategy

ALD Automotive, the world's leading provider of operating leases for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, manages and develops separate but interconnected applications for its business processes. Testing this complex system requires very precise and complex processes that, if not optimized, can grow disproportionately over time. 

Due to the fact that the company did not have a dedicated testing department until now, the testing process was inefficient, complicated and obsolete, and therefore produced unsatisfactory results. Therefore, it was necessary to focus on:

  • validation of the current testing approach,
  • identification of areas for improvement,
  • developing a new, optimized testing strategy.


Combination of expertise and practical experience

Through our proven Testing Audit service, which is always tailored to the specific needs of the client, we have been able to quickly analyze the situation and propose an effective solution. In particular, our expert team focused on:

  • determination of the current testing progress as well as the entire, development process,
  • weak points identification,
  • proposing solutions, quick wins and long-term goals,
  • reusing the current setup and resources as much as possible,
  • establishing the foundation of the testing strategy from internal and external resources,
  • recommending appropriate practices and a realistic path to implementation.

Used Methods

  • Testing audit- comprehensive analysis of the current state of testing, identification of weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.
  • Risk management - identification and assessment of hazards and adverse consequences in projects and processes.
  • Testing strategy - description of the testing approach in the software development cycle.
  • Best practices in testing.


Increased testing efficiency and optimized processes

The perfect results of the initial analytical phase led to further cooperation in the form of professional consultations with our experts. These consultations were already focused on the practical side of strategy implementation. The newly set strategy and implementation plan provided a 100% increase in testing efficiency compared to the original state.