Portal modular solutions

Get an unparalleled web solution with our made-to-measure platform. Minimize tedious custom development without having to lock your ideas and requirements into a boxed solution.

Faster development with a prepared framework and tools.

Modular, yet flexible web building principle.

Customized solutions without the need for custom dev.

Open and stable platform for further expansion.

Solutions for your uniqueness without unnecessary compromises

Benefit from the optimal combination of flexibility, development time and cost. Everything that can be fine-tuned in advance is already prepared for you in our M2M Platform. Now we can focus on your goals and what sets you apart from the competition together.

I very much appreciate INVENTI's ability to react quickly to emerging situations and proactively come up with aworkable solution.
Tereza Žilková Business Manager, Se.ven Commodities

Examples of INVENTI M2M Platform

The INVENTI Made-to-Measure Platform gives you a unified approach to managing web and mobile applications. You will now be able to manage the content of your portals within a single administration.

Client and partner portals

Streamline communication with clients, business and service partners. Communicate information to them in a practical and clear way and automate follow-up processes, including integrations into existing systems and other services.

Intranet and employee portals

Share and integrate data, information, documents and materials with your employees in one place. Get a flexible space where you give your employees everything they need to work and grow.

Publication systems (CMS)

Manage your website and application content sophisticatedly, efficiently and clearly with an easy-to-use system and intuitive administration without the need for programming knowledge. Integrate other custom systems and third-party services into your administration interface.

Document Management (DMS)

Keep track of all your documents, whether it's contracts, manuals, orders or marketing materials. Search, filter and categorize at the metadata level and connect everything to other services and work tools.

Demanding websites

Get a first-class website completely tailored to your most demanding requirements – in record time by using standardized but easily customizable components. Easily use third-party services or integrate data from your own systems.

E-commerce portals and e-shops

Address the specific needs of your online sales channel without having to build everything from scratch. Take advantage of a modular solution that fills your above-standard expectations and allows you to integrate all the necessary internal systems and third-party services.

We bring you…

Background of the extensive INVENTI team

With the power of the entire INVENTI, we’ll assemble an effective team to meet the exact needs of your project. We will create the optimal combination of modular solutions and customized development. We will then integrate everything into the technology platform and infrastructure in alignment with your business and IT needs.

Zkušenost s různým využitím aplikací

Be it innovative digital products, partner portals or internal process solutions. There are countless ways to use web or mobile apps for your business. Our experience in all these areas is at your disposal. 

Quick implementation

Ready modules, refined frameworks and flexible components speed up the overall development time. We can reduce time-to-market to the bare minimum.

The flexibility of a project team

A dedicated team can adapt to your requirements and changes. We can rapidly scale or restructure it according to your needs, so that it can always deliver the desired results within the given timeframe.

We believe in …

Going the extra mile

Our teams do whatever is needed to meet your expectations.

Proactive problem solving

Our experience allows us to predict and prevent common obstacles to success.

Deep expertise

Our professionals are among the most knowledgeable in their field.
What I appreciate the most about working with INVENTI is their commitment to co-creating our application. Every day I really feel that they believe in our idea and continuously improve the functionalities with us in the most beneficial way for us in terms of time & business. I appreciate their efforts to accommodate us in every situation and their tolerance for the sometimes heated debates that take place in our company.
Jelena Holomany CEO, Mindwell

Let’s turn your goals into reality.

You’ll be proud of what we can accomplish together.

We create long-term partnerships