Digital products

That’s not a trend, but a necessity. Nobody can do without digitalized products and services. Meet your customers’ expectations.

UX/UI design tailored to meet your user expectations.

The latest technologies for your business needs.

Development of complex mobile and web applications.

Implementation into the company’s existing IT ecosystem.

We create digital products for the future

Bring your customers the digital experience that they deserve. Build their loyalty, set yourself apart from the competition and lay the foundation for a successful future. Get a partner to take your business to the digital dimension.

What I appreciate the most about working with INVENTI is their commitment to co-creating our application. Every day I really feel that they believe in our idea and continuously improve the functionalities with us in the most beneficial way for us in terms of time & business. I appreciate their efforts to accommodate us in every situation and their tolerance for the sometimes heated debates that take place in our company.
Jelena Holomany CEO, Mindwell

Digitalization of products and services

Don’t rest on your laurels. What drove your business forward yesterday might be irrelevant tomorrow. Innovating established products and services requires a perfect understanding of the opportunities that lie in modern technology. Rely on our experience.

Digital transformation of established products.

New possibilities through web and mobile apps.

Using technologies to expand existing offerings.

Increased efficiency, appeal and competitiveness.

Flexible creation of new products and services.

Ensuring initiatives for continuous business innovation.

Lean method of building MVPs for validation.

Technological analysis for the proof of concept phase.

Creating new digital products

New technologies bring previously unthinkable possibilities. There are completely new markets emerging and business visions are taking on new dimensions. However, their implementation requires a step into the unknown, which is equally true for new startups as well as stable corporations.

Scaling digital products

Creating a new product and verifying its viability is one thing. Ensuring the stability and safety of such a solution for hundreds of thousands of potential users is a completely different story. Startup is turning into Scaleup and technology solutions face new challenges.

Trusted IT partner for rapid team scaling.

Technologies suitable for long-term development.

Emphasis on stability, reliability and safety.

Technology solutions with performance scaling.

A clear picture of the financial and time requirements of the project.

Advanced workshops and analyses for the highest accuracy of estimates. 

Creation of technical documentation, e.g. for Request for Proposal or tender.

Elimination of weak points and subsequent development risks.

INVENTI Product Design

You don’t have to theorize about when your product will see the light of day and how much it will cost. INVENTI Product Design will give you clear answers – quickly, reliably and based on years of experience in the industry.

We believe in …

Going the extra mile

Our teams do whatever is needed to meet your expectations.

Proactive problem solving

Our experience allows us to predict and prevent common obstacles to success.

Deep expertise

Our professionals are among the most knowledgeable in their field.

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