Professional Therapeutic Care Through a Web-Based Platform

10 months

from launch to pilot


inventors working on the project

# 1

digital registered health service provider in the field of psychiatry

Mindwell is a startup that belongs to the AKESO Holding family – one of the largest private groups in the Czech healthcare industry. It brings mental health care into the digital environment. It offers people with depression, anxiety or chronic stress a three-month e-therapy based on cognitive-behavioral principles.


Provision of affordable therapeutic support

Jelena Holomany, the co-founder of Mindwell, had a strong vision – to bring tried and tested therapies to all those who are struggling with depression, anxiety or excessive stress, and at the same time, due to the critically limited capacity of the Czech health care system, are not able to access regular care from therapists and psychologists in a timely manner.

However, the original development path that Mindwell chose proved inappropriate. It was therefore necessary to acquire a new, strong IT partner. After several discussions and workshops, we jointly defined the goals and business requirements that laid the foundation for the development of a comprehensive web platform. One of the biggest challenges with such a project is ensuring the security of client data. In addition, the platform had to meet the requirements of a health service provider in the field of psychiatry, a challenge that no one has yet been able to meet.

Another challenge was the need to launch the app as soon as possible considering the overall plans of the startup and bearing the acute shortage of psychological and psychiatric care in our conditions in mind.


Robust application with three independent interfaces

We assembled a team of six developers to provide web development, testing, DevOps, analytics and project management. We adopted an agile approach for the subsequent development and delivered the entire project as an End-to-End solution. 

In terms of technologies, we focused on proven and widely used development environments. The goal was to allow for technology growth and application robustness. We developed client, therapeutic and admin interfaces which are independent.

Throughout the development of the project, we were constantly looking for the optimal path and ways to address the challenges. An integral part of this was the necessity to communicate with third parties – whether it was therapists, insurance companies or medical facilities. For Mindwell, we fulfilled the role of an expert IT partner, proactively analyzing the situation and finding a path to the goal.


Therapy that is at the user’s fingertips

A secure and robust web-based platform, that guarantees the correct course of therapy prescribed to the patient according to the behavioral therapy methodology, was created for the client. At the same time, it ensures seamless communication between therapists and users.

The public launch took place on February 1, 2023. Since then, a pilot run of the app for lower hundreds of users is underway. In this run, collaboration with two health insurance companies is already in progress.

Collaboration with our team continues in the form of technical support and work to address emerging technology needs and challenges.