A Prototype in 14 Days –⁠ a New Digital Product Perfectly Seizes a Market Opportunity


Software Development



days for prototype

70+ mil.



countries covered


Creating a comparison shopping engine in just one month?

SummitMedia, our UK partner, sensed an opportunity in the dramatically growing market of comparison shopping sites that were regulated by Google. However, seizing this opportunity meant creating a functional digital product in just one month. Otherwise, competitors could take advantage of the opportunity, which is not an uncommon phenomenon in the area of tech innovation. Time often plays against our clients' business plans. Taking on a challenge like this and achieving SummitMedia’s goal of going global meant the product had to have an intuitive user design. Making a robust system where every product matters requires extreme skills and the courage to face all the pitfalls.


Exceptional ability to establish cooperation with a foreign partner. Quickly.

Although we were separated by over a thousand kilometers, we acted quickly to establish a strong and efficient relationship with the partner. We wanted to assemble a functional and cohesive team capable of agilely delivering a solution like this, including meeting all Google's comparison shopping requirements.

The primary goal was to quickly build a prototype to validate the business model and create a market space for a complete product to be developed agilely based on this prototype. The overall architecture needed to be designed very thoughtfully to meet huge future demands on system throughput and performance.

Technical parameters

1.  Using Elasticsearch

2.  Google regulatory compliance for comparison shopping engines

3.  Two separate services importing data from two independent sources

  • Downloading product feeds from Google servers
  • Communication with e-shop frontends and Elasticsearch

5.  Downloading feeds from Bing and Yahoo

4.  The feed Auditor application that:

  • Reports product feed errors directly to sellers and suggests adjustments
  • Speeds up the entire process of uploading items to the comparator

5.  Increases product relevance and searchability


Competitive digital product in record time.

Under extreme pressure and thanks to the team's experience from previous international products, we were able to create the foundation of a successful product comparison engine and help our partner compete with a new innovative business on a new market.

Productcaster has become one of the most used comparison sites in the UK, Germany, France and over 20 other countries, aggregating over 70 million products and saving substantial costs for hundreds of online stores.

Thanks to extreme tenacity and agility of development, the project succeeded and later transformed into more comprehensive services for eshops.