Collaboration on Smart Connect – the smart motorhome control unit from the Erwin Hymer Group


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Numbers are current as of 25.5.2023.

Erwin Hymer Group (EHG) is a subsidiary of THOR Industries, one of the leading global manufacturers of motorhomes and caravans. EHG brings together under one roof manufacturers of leisure vehicles, suppliers of spare parts and accessories, as well as rental companies and providers of relevant financial services.


Intelligent motorhome concept with central control via a mobile app

Gero Strobel, who had previously worked with inventor Jan Kosnar on the ZF Openmatics project, joined EHG with the challenge of implementing intelligent control of motorhomes from scratch. As part of assembling the team, he brought Jan on board to take on the role of solution architect.

Nowadays, controlling individual devices in motorhomes using an app is a standard. The problem for the customer, however, is that the whole process can quickly become chaotic. Each element needs a separate application, which EHG decided to put an end to and develop an interface in which everything can be controlled at once. The concept has been dubbed Smart Connect.

For EHG, the challenge was primarily finding a quality and efficient partner, but also designing and coordinating the entire solution. Moreover, after several meetings with INVENTI, the company realized that the scope of the hardware and software solution would be even broader than originally anticipated.


As always, we have assembled a dedicated team that is involved in project management and solution architecture, integration of the entire solution and comprehensive testing. We are also involved in DevOps, in which we fully automate the customer's cloud deployment and support the activities associated with its operation. 

Due to its needs, the project also required Java and Go development, where we provide the customer with a full range of products involved in the control unit software, its provisioning  and support for the entire lifecycle of the manufactured cars.

The specific solution consists of several points, including:

  • Planning and coordination of the project development across all project suppliers, setting up and managing the total life cycle of operation and developing the Smart Connect ecosystem.
  • Solution architecture design and its integration across individual systems.
  • Analytical work in creating basic development concepts across all project systems.
  • Design of maximum automation of a reproducible deployment environment for tests and production.
  • Support and resolution of changes and incidents within the production environment. 
  • Development of an application for the RV manufacturing workforce to initially bring the control unit to life and set it up.
  • Development of the Master Data system that brings together all the essential information about the vehicles being produced.
  • Consulting for the customer's internal IT and security departments.
  • Implementation of an "Authorization as Code" procedure for controlled allocation of permissions to the environment.
  • Quality assurance and full scope testing of the produced software not only from the INVENTI side but also from other suppliers involved in the development of different parts of the ecosystem.
The current Smart Connect solution was preceded by an attempt at an integrated solution, after which the supplier of the control units and the mobile application was changed. Thanks to the solution architect, project manager and test manager, the company was able to design and launch the Smart Connect solution within two years.


The current solution (total Smart Connect ecosystem) has also been taken over by EHG's parent company, THOR Industries. It has started the integration of the solution in North America, which is considered the cradle of caravanning, in cooperation with EHG, INVENTI and other suppliers. 

The series production of two vehicle brands equipped with the smart control unit is set to begin in 2024.

Smart Connect has become the first smart ecosystem for all types of recreational vehicles from caravans and campervans to integrated luxury motorhomes. It combines access to vehicle information with control of living space functions. Using the app, the user can easily view the mileage or the battery / water level. At the same time, the user can control the lighting and temperature – either via Bluetooth when close to the car or remotely via the mobile phone network.

The HYMER Connect app won the top award in the "Excellence in Business to Consumer - Transportation" category at the German Innovation Awards 2021 for excellence in innovation.