115 Thousand Users One Year After Launch: The Development of a Unique Fintech App


found viruses


users (2023)


analysed bank transactions

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Patron GO is a smart app that helps its users save money on mandatory payments. It’s based on automated analysis of bank statements where it detects “financial viruses”. Of course, that requires maximum security and precision.


Development of a unique financial antivirus

The client contacted us with a specific business vision, but without a specific idea of a suitable technological solution. After the expectations were clarified, we proposed the foundations on which an app like this could work. We knew from the start that it wouldn't be easy to develop.

Because it was an unprecedented service, we had to draw on our experience and primarily our own creativity and the ability to look for innovative solutions. Excellent security was the main priority as the app works with sensitive user data. In addition, we developed a unique solution for communicating with banks, which is still not standard nowadays. Even the concept of analyzing and labelling bank accounts was not common on the market.

The project already required a high level of flexibility in its design. The development had to quickly react to economic developments and user needs as well as international payment standards. That had to be dealt with on the fly during development.


Fast prototype processing

The key was a good understanding and setting of our customer's business objectives and expectations. That allowed us to develop a product that fully met all needs.
We assembled an experienced team of experts within INVENTI's ranks, who adapted very quickly to the specific needs of users and all other partners/third parties. First, we worked together to develop an interactive prototype where our customer could practically test the use of the application before starting the final development.

Subsequently, new requirements and needs that continuously emerged as the project grew were agilely incorporated. The team took into account both market and partner feedback during development. For example, we have developed the most accurate labeling of transaction categories and end-user products, which is unparalleled in the market.

Used methods

The process flow for the project included the following steps:
  • Business and technical analysis
  • Technical breakdown and solution architecture development
  • Prototype design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Creation of documentation
  • Delivery of the first version of Patron GO
  • Operation, maintenance, support and product development


From its launch in February 2021 to the end of 2022, Patron GO identified over 330,000 "financial viruses" for its users. The interest in this fintech solution continues to grow. The startup is already present in Slovakia and will soon expand to Poland and other European markets.

The app has gained so much trust and attention that it has repeatedly received multi-million dollar backing from investors. 
The INVENTI team is still working on improving the app, e.g. through managing the security of communication with banking systems and improving the algorithm for better analysis of bank transactions. Therefore, we’re contributing to the overall development of the fintech sector.

You can download the Patron GO app on: