Expanding the project team of Stellantis by 800% in 6 months


car brands


European markets


instances of the e-commerce platform


new team members within 6 months


During the height of the global pandemic, when all brick-and-mortar stores were closed, the international automotive group Stellantis (formerly PSA and FCA) was forced to move its sales online. Therefore, they decided to build a revolutionary e-commerce platform serving several of the group's key automotive brands. Due to strict pandemic restrictions and the turbulent market situation, this was an extremely challenging task – both in terms of time and organization.

In the online platform environment, the user experience was the first thing to focus on. Whether it was presenting a 3D model of a vehicle, booking cars for test drives, complex financing models or the actual delivery of a new car, each of these challenges posed a technological and legislative challenge. The platform was to run in seven countries, each with specific requirements.

Today, up to 63% of consumers are thinking of buying their next car online. However, at the beginning of 2020, this was something unimaginable for most consumers. The dramatic market situation rapidly accelerated the innovation cycle and only those who could react quickly were able to benefit from it.


Rapid scalability of project, team and work

The INVENTI team, in collaboration with a technology partner, had to respond quickly and flexibly to the increasing demands of Stellantis' customers. The original team of five dynamically grew to 40 INVENTI members within a few months, pushing the project forward during challenging conditions. 

The team took the foundation of the client's existing technology environment, improved the entire platform, and reflected the changes into instances for all submarkets. In order to meet project deadlines, the primary need was to manage the organization of a rapidly growing team. At the time, this was one of the most challenging tasks we ever faced.

The scalable organizational structure of the team had to be backed by a quality technology backbone to continually support the development teams and complete the project successfully and on time.

INVENTI was involved in the project across the entire lifecycle. Our activities included:

  • Collection and definition of requirements,
  • analysis, design and implementation of the solution,
  • complete testing of the implementation,
  • future-proofing the entire solution,
  • operation and support of production environments.


We launched the revolutionary online sales platform in 6 months. During the following months, we launched it for more European countries and more are continuously added.

In the first week after launch, dozens of orders were already placed. The e-commerce solution that Stellantis decided to implement with the help of our team helped to get the business back on track. The platform also collects data about user behavior, allowing it to smartly optimize sales channels according to the needs of specific markets.