Fintech startup Brokero: Investment information service in your pocket

3 months

until a prototype was launched


Creating a virtual investment broker

There are two experienced investment brokers behind the Brokero app. They had a vision to make the world of investing more accessible to the inexperienced and easier for seasoned investors. This fintech solution was designed to provide understandable and relevant information about current events in the financial markets. One of the required features was the ability to inform its users about investment opportunities in real time.

During the initial development of the web and mobile app, the founders failed to achieve the desired result. Completion dates dragged on and the app had a number of bugs. A change of supplier was needed to resolve the situation quickly so that the project could achieve its business objectives. 


Quick launch of MVP

The INVENTI team took the project under their wings and had to quickly analyze both the depth and level of development of the entire project. Given the characteristics and fintech scope, the following was required:

  • Analysis of the overall project status.
  • Preparation of a proposal for solutions and recommendations for improving the current state.
  • Implementation of the proposed solution to meet business and user objectives.
  • Dealing with a number of legislative hurdles in distributing the multi-platform application.  
  • Developing a baseline MVP considering the future application development.

"When the Brokero team approached INVENTI, the application was a work in progress from the original supplier. We had to adapt to this system and then achieve the desired business goal with the application."
Ondřej Hrabalík (Customer Success Manager)

Soon after the release, we planned another development cycle with Brokero to add new functionalities to the overall solution. For example, the regular newsletter, which the client wanted to integrate into both the web and mobile application, was part of the further development. This made it relatively easy to achieve the functionality of providing stock market news in both the web and mobile versions.


Even though we faced several challenges during the implementation, we efficiently and quickly achieved the desired results. We successfully prepared the app for release to the market within three months. 

Brokero was finally able to start helping its clients to fully capitalize on their investments. To this day, we continue to both manage the site and further develop the app – end users can look forward to even more accurate advice and tips.

We're delighted that the app is thriving, scoring nicely in customer satisfaction results and new users are continually coming on board. We are strengthening our long-term partnership with the client and can't wait to see where our collaboration takes us next.

The delivered solution is a perfect demonstration of our expertise in web and mobile application development. It also underscores our commitment to delivering solutions that meet often unique needs and exceed client expectations.

And what do the Brokero founders think of the collaboration?

Since we are a start-up, we were looking for a partner who would help us in certain aspects. We found this fully in INVENTI. The cooperation is highly professional. The team of people we communicate with is always very responsive, and they also come up with their own inventions to take our ideas even further. We can only recommend INVENTI.
Marek Trúchly & Jakub Lukáš Founders, Brokero

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