Product Design

You don’t have to theorize about when your product will see the light of day and how much it will cost. INVENTI Product Design will give you clear answers – quickly, reliably and based on years of experience in the industry.

A clear picture of the financial and time requirements of the project.

Advanced workshops and analyses for the highest accuracy of estimates. 

Creation of technical documentation, e.g. for Request for Proposal or tender.

Elimination of weak points and subsequent development risks.

Defining your product has never been easier.

Give your ambition a realistic contour, whether it involves a consumer product or an improvement in company processes. Find out how long it will take to achieve your vision and how much it will cost. Be well prepared for the whole process so that no risks take you by surprise.

Get clarity on the steps you need to make your vision a reality.

A vision without a plan is a dream. A plan without a vision is a nightmare. Give your vision a crystal-clear plan and prepare a professional-level documentation for your IT partner. Thanks to that, they will be able to estimate the scope and cost of the project well. At the same time, the end result will match your vision and meet the customer's goals.

How does INVENTI Product Design work?

Procedure based on analytical and architectural work
First, based on the provided documents, we will evaluate whether we are able to compile a solid assignment. If not, we will agree on an individual solution. If we are, we will design a rough description of the technological solution.

After these steps, we will compile the Request for Proposal documentation together within 15 working days, including documents for execution from our side.

We bring you...

Experienced team

Your project won't be the first to bear the imprint of our experts. Translating our customers' visions into digital reality is what makes us fulfilled. With us, you'll love the process too.

Individual setup and care

 Every project has its own specifics and therefore requires a unique approach. We give your vision the care it deserves. We set up the whole process and content of the workshops according to your situation.


 Straightforward and human approach is our philosophy, which has been verified by many customers before you. Your success is our goal and it is the only way we can achieve it together.

Possibility of further cooperation

We will be happy to help you in other phases of product development. Especially after we've learned so much about it. However, you can take full advantage of the outputs of this phase even if you decide otherwise.

Na spolupráci s INVENTI si nejvíce vážím jejich angažovanosti ve společné tvorbě naší aplikace. Skutečně denně cítím, že našemu nápadu věří a kontinuálně vylepšují funkcionality s námi tak, aby to pro nás bylo časově i businessově co nejvýhodnější. Cením si snahy nám za každé situace vyjít vstříc  a tolerance k někdy vášnivým debatám, které u nás probíhají.
Jelena Holomany CEO, Mindwell

Are you interested in the details of the mentioned studies and other benefits and advantages of QA? 

Let's take a look at them together, we'd be happy to introduce them to you.

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