We create the future
We are a technology company driven by modern technology, agile development and business analysis. We are a harbour for innovative ideas and good people.
INVENTI is about people
At INVENTI we are all equal. We are on a first-name basis. We all have equal conditions for personal development. It is up to you how you want to realize yourself.
INVENTI is about interesting projects. You will get to them even if you do not have years of experience. There is always someone here to advise you or keep an eye on smooth work flow. And if you feel like you are tired of normal projects, you can always come up with your own. In INVENTI, we value good ideas as well as good people.
Long-term partnerships
We develop others
We regularly organize a series of educational events and workshops for both our members and the general public. So take yourself and your potential and come and learn something new.
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