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We can help you to solve a migration of your existing Atlassian Server applications to cloud.

Cloud Services

Why ensure the migration of applications to the cloud

Atlassian decided to concentrate on the development of cloud products, and starting 2021, the server licences won’t be sold anymore. The server products will continue to be supported for the next 3 years, they will still receive the security updates, but won’t get any new features. This relates to the support price, which is going to be increased by 15% annually. The cloud solution will become more cost-effective in the upcoming years, as the annual charge won’t be higher than the price of server products support.

Keys date

February, 2nd, 2021

Closing the sales of server licences. When placing a quote prior to this date, it is possible to realize the purchase till March, 2nd, 2021.

February, 2nd , 2022

The last chance to upgrade the server licences.
After this date, it won’t be possible to increase the user tier anymore..

February, 2nd, 2024

The end of support.
After this date, no updates, including security updates and fixes, will be provided.

Choose your solution


There are several offers from Atlassian within the cloud migration.

  • The most important one is the possibility to establish and use a cloud version of the product, that you currently use as a server version.
  • The main condition for this is to have an active support of the server product.
  • The cloud versions with the same user tiers, as you currently have within the server product (max. 5000) can be used for free for the whole support period.
  • If the support period you have will be valid for the next 6 months, you can use the cloud products for free during that time and prepare for a smooth cloud migration. 
  • The advantage of cloud - especially for growing teams - is also the possibility to pay monthly for the actual user tier. In that case, you are not limited by the size of your product licence. On the other hand, if your user tier stays stable, the annual payments are more cost-effective. We will propose the best solution for you. 
  • Within the annual contracts, we ensure a fixed price for you for up to 2 years.

Datacenter edition

For the bigger instances, it will be still possible to use the Datacenter product versions.

  • Datacenter licencing starts with 500 users. 
  • If you have more than 1000 users, it is possible to get interesting offers and discounts for cloud migration.
  • The Datacenter products will not be affected by the end of sales and support so far. 
  • Nevertheless, starting February, 2nd, 2021, the license and support price will be increased.

How can we help you?

As an Atlassian partner, we can guide you through the whole process of cloud migration and we can help you to solve any possible complications. Do you prefer the Datacenter Edition? No problem, we help you with the installation, configuration and setting up an excellent accessibility. We can also assist you while transfering the data from your current instance.

Post migration consultations

  • The main service we offer is the migration of all your projects and configurations into the newly established cloud environment. 
  • If you have paid the support of your current server version, you can get a free trial version of cloud for the whole time of your trial period. This way, you can prevent paying for 2 services at once. 
  • Even without the active support period, we can arrange a 30-days trial period of the cloud environment for you (normally it is just 7 days). So in fact, you can get 30 days of the service for free.

Adjustment of the existing integrations

  • The cloud versions of Atlassian tools have slight differences in the API, compared to the server versions. If you have active integrations  to these systems, an adjustment of the settings might be required.
  • We are able to analyze the current integrations, we design and implement their adjustments, so that you can use them in the cloud environment without problems.

Configuration revision and adjustments concept

  • The cloud migration is a great opportunity to do a revision of configurations - of Atlassian tools themselves and also of the projects workflows, Confluence spaces or user accounts. 
  • It happens quite often, that during the revision, customers find many user accounts, which are not actively used anymore. That means they need less licences in fact, and in the cloud environment this can mean significant cost savings. 
  • We can help you with the configuration revision, “tidying-up” and checking the possibly inactive user accounts.


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