Migration of Atlassian Apps to the Cloud

Support for Atlassian server licenses has ended. Secure a functional and stable working environment, but most importantly, increase your efficiency.

Safe and stable working environment for your teams.

Improved flexibility and scalability.

Increased productivity and operational performance.

Reduced infrastructure costs.

Avoid unnecessary complications and take advantage of the opportunity.

Moving t  a cloud solution is not only a necessary step to maintain the functionality and stability of your Atlassian applications. It's also an opportunity to improve efficiency and gain a competitive edge.

Support ended on February 15, 2023. No further updates or security patches will be released for the applications now.

Get clear on the implementation steps.

Initial consultation

Our journey starts with a thorough understanding of your specific needs. We'll discuss the scope of your migration and the number of projects you'd like to migrate. This step is critical to tailoring our approach to your unique requirements.

Migration Analysis

Next, we take a deep dive into your current setup. Our team evaluates the plug-ins and integrations you're using and identifies any support projects. This analysis allows us to customize the migration strategy to facilitate a seamless transition that aligns with your business processes.

Project Plan

Armed with detailed insights from the analysis phase, we create a comprehensive project plan. This plan outlines milestones and timelines, providing a clear roadmap for the migration. Our goal is to achieve a structured and predictable migration process that minimizes disruption to your operations.

Migration Execution and Project Transfer

With a solid plan in place, our experts take the helm to execute the migration. We provide a seamless transition of your projects to the cloud and handle all technical complexities. Our meticulous approach ensures that every piece of data is accurately transferred and your configurations are perfectly replicated in the cloud environment.

Testing the New Environment

Before we consider the migration complete, we rigorously test the new setup. This phase is critical to ensure that all functionality works as expected and that your system is secure. We leave no stone unturned in verifying that the migration meets our high standards for quality and reliability.

User Support and Training

To streamline the transition to the cloud, we offer extensive user support and training. Our team is available to answer questions and help your employees get up to speed in the new environment. We also provide guidance on how to optimize your processes to unlock the full potential of your cloud-based Atlassian applications.

Benefit from a trusted partner

As an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, we facilitate a smooth transition to the cloud that is tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Gain access to the expertise of seasoned professionals who won’t meet your specific requirements only, but also help you maximize the benefits of Atlassian products in your operations.

Understanding the differences between the options.

Exceptional help and support from certified experts.

Ability to secure replacements for unsupported plugins.

A proven and smooth migration process to the cloud.

Selected references

Thanks to INVENTI's local support, we have been granted an extended period of time to test Atlassian products, which can only be set up by an authorized Atlassian Gold Solution Partner. This gave us more time to go through everything properly, try it out and then make an informed decision.
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