INVENTI Platforms

Don’t start your project from scratch. Our ready-to-use platforms and quick-starters can jump-start and accelerate the development process.

Unified and tested architectures.

Time-proven tools.

Carefully pre-selected libraries.

Custom platforms.

We don’t reinvent the wheel

Your time and resources are valuable. That’s why our development teams have created reusable quickstarts and mini-products out of some of their most in-demand tasks. This makes development faster and saves you money.

Java Quickstart

A development template for microservice infrastructure of enterprise applications.

Content Management System

Headless platform for content websites built on top of a proven open source.

E-Commerce Starter

Our own custom headless web-shop management system for e-shop integrations.

JavaScript Quickstart

A grab-a-plate technology foundation for developing React applications.

Triphood Platform

A geolocation app foundation for marketing projects (such as trips or activities).

IoT Platform

Asset management platform for Industry 4.0 and cloud-based logistics operations.

Mobile Quickstart

A technology essentials read-to-use for native mobile application development.

Cypress Quickstart

Implementation package for UI automation testing built on Cypress technology.

Online Configurator

Catalog-as-an-app built on top of our CMS for internal and external systems.

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