We are an Atlassian Solution Partner

INVENTI connects the Atlassian tools into one solution, providing all the services from team cooperation to software development.

Jira Core
Jira Software
Jira Service Management

Actual: we can help you with cloud migration

Regarding the actual changes in Atlassian products licencing and closing the sale of server licences, we are ready to help you. We can explain the problem clearly to everyone, tell you what is going to change for you, show you the timeline of changes and possibilities of cloud migrations. We have ready-to-go support programs, migration scenarios and we can offer discounts to cloud products.  Is the cloud solution not the one for you. The datacenter edition will go on as before.

The advantages of cooperation with INVENTI

Individual consultations

Our experts are ready to provide you with custom consultations exactly for you and your business.

Local support

We are exactly there, where you need us.

Custom service configuration

We provide a turnkey solution including the configuration of the product and its customization.

Extended trial time

We are able to arrange a longer trial period than the standard one.


It doesn’t matter, if you manage a single project, project portfolio or a team - thanks to Jira Core, you are going to have a clear overview of all the stuff. From planning to reporting - you find everything at one place.
An ideal tool for SW development and agile teams, guiding them through the planning, development process and software releases. Moreover, Jira Software offers integrations with other tools, so that the software development becomes maximally effective.
Jira Service Management is a powerful tool for the management of service requirements, SLAs and helpdesk in general. It is suitable for all types of helpdesk teams, the best usage is within the IT support teams. It also offers a client portal to make placing the service requests easier.

Tools for collaboration and communication

Let’s find all the company-related information at one place, the same quick and easy way as you search the internet. Forget the complicated work with files and emails. Making meeting notes, sharing, finding the right information and document versions is done within seconds - with Confluence.

Trello is an ideal tool for small teams and projects, but also for individuals, who want to keep their daily tasks and ideas in order.  Trello helps you to manage people and teams in a very pleasant way.

Development and delivery tools

Sourcetree is a multiplatform application working with distributed version control systems - Git and Mercurial. It makes it possible to work with both systems in one window and offers an easy integration with GitHib, Bitbucket or Kiln user accounts. Moreover, it brings you a simpl & powerful Git UI.

Bitbucket is a Git repository and code management solution for professional development teams.

Bamboo is a Continuous Delivery and release management tool integrating the build automation, testing and version control into one workflow. The user experience is very clear thanks to an easy Jira & Bitbucket integration.


Consultations and solution design

We create a solution proposal based on your requirements and the needs of your business.

Implementation and integration

Based on the tasks we create together with the customer, there comes a quick and reliable solution and we can also include a training.

Licence purchases

We help you with the price-optimization and prolonged trial period. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we often offer interesting bonuses in addition to license purchases.


Our consultants train you and share their knowledge and experience.


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Díky lokální podpoře INVENTI jsme získali prodlouženou dobu na vyzkoušení produktů Atlassian, kterou může zřídit pouze autorizovaný partner Atlassian. Měli jsme tak více času si vše řádně projít, vyzkoušet a pak se kvalifikovaně rozhodnout.

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