Why Is Today’s Nearshoring the New Black?

06. September 2022

Today, IT companies are among the most stressed sectors when it comes to the constant need to innovate the product. Businesses understand that their software engineers and tech experts must be unapologetically focused on continuous improvement of the software. That includes providing relevant business upgrades to keep ahead of the competition and keep the clients satisfied. Nearshoring can be an answer to that need of constant innovation. Therefore, what can nearshoring get you today to push your business beyond the musts of tomorrow? 

Benefits of developing a software project with a nearshoring partner

Reinterpreting the benefits of nearshoring development from those listed in the previous article, nearshoring is at the forefront of organically integrating your in-house experts with their equally efficient remote teams.

Coupled with the true benefits of a great nearshoring partnership, this alternative resourcing method is the go-to solution for the IT sector. 

No. 1 – High quality and speed of releasing your IT projects     
Pick a partner slowly but let them work fast because faster doesn’t always mean better! Businesses that don’t take the time to thoughtfully pick the right nearshoring partner and those that have a tendency to provide the partner with A to Z instructions on how to solve the project lose the true added value of the partnership itself.

“An average nearshoring partner will provide you with your solutions fast but a great one is going to add value right from the beginning by truly knowing your needs, understanding the business and the tech stack of your solution”, as said by Eyal Frayden, Head of Business Development at INVENTI (Source). Working in the same time zone as your team is just a cherry on top.

No. 2 – You access years of experience and a new professional network
As mentioned above, a great partner is going to add value by offering you verified best practices that the partner has learned throughout their business existence. Jan Kaštura, CSO & Co-Founder of INVENTI, specifies in the Handbook: 9 steps to a successful nearshoring partnerships’ that if clients need help with a highly unique specialty, we can reach out to verified partner add an extra layer of expertise. 

No. 3 – Keeping it personal with your needs 
In today’s often cutthroat business competition, it could be challenging to find transparency and genuine care between clients and suppliers. A great partner is going to establish mutual transparency of capacities and requirements. In the case of nearshoring, keeping it transparent and honest is a must for successful project delivery. Otherwise, businesses are risking delays, low ROI and an increased turnover rate. 

Nearshore success

There are definitely many benefits of nearshoring your innovative needs. The key ones include high quality and fast project deliveries, access to the professional network based on years of expertise in IT, and lastly, honest transparency of work & investment capacities. If you want to explore your nearshoring options but do not know where to start looking for the right match partner, read INVENTI’s  ‘Handbook: 9 steps to a successful nearshoring partnerships’ that will guide you on the path to source your digital innovation through a nearshoring partner.   

Eyal Frayden
Head of Business Development


9 steps to successful
nearshoring partnerships

In 9 simple steps find out how to maintain the right nearshoring partner that can fully support your digital innovation and smart resourcing.


9 steps to successful
nearshoring partnerships

In 9 simple steps find out how to maintain the right nearshoring partner