Tailor-made QA Academy

Your team deserves the best know-how. Only then can they consistently deliver results.

Syllabuses tailored to your requirements and capabilities.

Manual and automated testing, extending into DevOps.

Interactive sessions featuring specific examples and practical exercises.

Opportunity to utilize it for recruiting and training new employees.

Training their team according to their specific needs.

The technologies and methods of software quality control are constantly advancing. Keeping pace with trends and mastering the implementation of innovations while managing a fully engaged team is a challenge for every manager. A customized academy for your team will bring practical know-how from ISTQB-certified trainers as well as the flexibility of the training itself. You can look forward to a return on investment in the form of increased team effectiveness.

What does the QA Academy look like?

Areas we focus on

The scope of the academy is entirely up to you, your team, and the initial analysis. However, the basic areas we'll cover encompass the entire lifecycle and fundamental testing processes.

How to properly set up QA processes in each phase of SDLC

Risk management Dashboards/reporting/KPIs
Practical demonstration - before/after a model project Getting started with QA on a project How to answer the question "What is quality?"
Building a QA checklist/plan for a given project Release notes     Continuous QA audit on a project

The entire process of the tailor-made academy

Your team will adopt the most important technologies.

The key to successful quality control lies in the symbiosis of your specific requirements and proven best practices. The range of technologies, methods, and procedures is broad. We will select those that need to be focused on and train your team in their utilization.


Step-by-Step Testing Audit

We've compiled 10+ years of our own software testing experience into a clear guide full of practical advice and practices.


Testing Audit

We've compiled 10+ years of our own software testing experience into a clear guide full of practical advice and practices.

We bring you...

Instructors with extensive practical experience

No general theory, but practical approaches that truly work and can be applied in practice. ISTQB certification of our instructors is a given, as well as their practical experience from dozens of projects.

An approach that will captivate your people

Our goal is to inspire your team and bring a fresh perspective. That's why we prepare participants for the academy even before it starts and build it on a positive atmosphere.

Individualized setup and care

The syllabus will be compiled together with your team, and the program will be adapted to fit the scheduling needs in both online and offline environments. We can also assist you with the recruitment of new employees and their training.

Positive ROI

nvesting in education pays off. You can expect added value in the form of higher work efficiency and lower turnover. Our customers would be happy to confirm this for you.

We create long-term partnerships