Testing Audit


Selenium WebDriver

We'll even find a problem you don't see

Successful testing setup is the basis for accelerating development while maintaining or improving quality. Setting up working processes is challenging and not always self-sufficient. Then problems and mistakes arise – testing becomes a bottleneck in development. It is often an issue to locate the problem at all and know how to deal with it. INVENTI has strong know-how so we can offer an independent audit.

When to perfom an audit

We recommend that you perform an audit whenever you want to:

  • Verify that testing does/does not work properly in terms of processes
  • Verify that the application is capable of being automated
  • Find out why you have unsatisfactory test results
  • Obtain an independent third-party review
  • Consult the following steps to resolve the issue
  • Improve anything in testing and you are looking for an experienced partner

You choose the scope yourself

The advantage of the audit from INVENTI is not only objectivity and independence, but also the possibility to choose its scope, for example:

  • Audit of a testing method
  • Audit of application test automation
  • Audit of application performance
  • Defect management audit

What you get

  • We will eliminate the cause of the problem
  • We will advise you on how to preferably remove it step by step
  • We will recommend further steps to improve quality and efficiency in the area
  • An output audit report on the current state
  • We present the findings at a workshop where we explain the issue and the solution

An independent audit from INVENTI can be the first step in setting up your testing process correctly or verifying its optimal settings.