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Focus on your core business

Today's rapid consumption of applications and services requires a flawless and seamless system. Testing is not about "clicking", but is an important part of software development and maintenance. Don't waste time and energy testing, recruiting and training testers. Focus on your core business and leave testing to the INVENTI experts. Testing as a Service (TaaS) is the complete outsourcing of testing.

Why choose us

We are transparent and professional

  • We communicate and mitigate risks in a timely manner
  • You know exactly what's going on and what's planned
  • Testers with the necessary skillset and experience

Complete coverage of services

  • We will set up processes and methodologies, as well as the environment, and we will provide everything necessary for the smooth delivery of the service

HR and People Management are our responsibility

  • We will take care of recruitment, training and professional development
  • We can also include your testers in the service

We keep up with the times

  • We use modern technology
  • We apply new knowledge in practice
  • We will not implement a new method unless it makes sense
  • We follow what is best for the project and the customer

We share knowledge

  • We train each other and transfer know-how in a team
  • We will also educate your people

The main advantages of complete testing outsourcing

  • More efficient functioning of processes and teams
  • Faster delivery
  • Saving the labour of the customer's employees
  • Early risk mitigation
  • You are not alone in an area that is not your core business
  • You will save time and money associated with the recruitment of testers, their training in systems and issues