Proven and well-coordinated Cypress automation team

Do you need to jump start web app automation including its backend? Do you need help devising a strategy for automated testing?


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Automated Testing

We are here to assist you

Proven and well-coordinated team

Comprehensive coverage of automated testing, from test analysis and script coding to creating pipelines and CI/CD inclusion

Optimally designed testing strategy for automated tests

Delivery starts with the “zero sprint”

Fast and efficient development

A proactive and independent team leader

Remote access

Communication in a high level of English

We routinely work with

  • Cypress
  • Page Object
  • Jest
  • CI/CD tools
  • Rest API
  • Docker
  • Jira
  • Confluence

How we automate

Environment and framework preparation

First, we install Cypress and prepare a complete structure for writing sustainable, reusable automation tests. Then we prepare pipelines for employing CI/CD. After that, we set up reporting of test results in easy-to-read HTML and create notifications, for example, for the Slack communication platform

Test strategy and analysis

We analyse your app and come up with a suitable approach to automation. We regularly define or review all testing scenarios to be automated for:

  • Smoke tests
  • Component tests
  • Integration tests
  • Regression tests
  • End-to-end security tests
  • Visual regression tests
  • Cloud-based website performance tests

Writing testing scripts

We create automated tests using best-practises for writing automated tests, for example:

  • Page Objects
  • Atomic and autonomous tests
  • API calls

Should we find out during development that the app does not have suitable element identifiers, we will discuss it with developers and add it ourselves. We also focus on code coverage. We can offer website browser load tests in the cloud tool.

Test execution and maintenance

We execute tests on a continual basis. We set them up to launch regularly in CI/CD tools. If we find out that a test is not working or reports an error, we verify the situation and correct it. In this way, the tests can be reused. They are sustainable and help to expedite and perfect development.

Contact us

Jan Durcak
Sales Manager

+420 777 146 692