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Training objective

Does each release take your team too much time and energy? Do you find that you are not processing requests in a timely and efficient manner? We will help you. We will find out the current state of processes and prepare recommendations for possible improvements. We will discuss the life cycle of your software from work planning (including requirements collection) to the operation of the final product. Everything with respect to the culture of Continuous Delivery.

  • Length: 2 hours
  • Output: On approximately 2 pages – objective evaluation, high level recommendations + verbal consultations


  • Interviewing team leaders and other stakeholders where necessary (2 hrs)
  • Preparation of high level recommendations and next steps (4 hrs)
  • Presentation of outputs and recommendations (2 hrs)

SOFTWARE life cycle

  • Plan (planning)
  • Code (code creation)
  • Build (building an application and CI)
  • Test (testing – automatic and manual)
  • Release (application release and release management)
  • Deploy (deployment of test and production environment)
  • Operate (production operation)
  • Monitor (daily monitoring and automation)