Agile & Scrum – intro workshop

Project Management

Software Development


days by appointment


certified lecturers

12 approx.


What's going on 

INVENTI has prepared a unique workshop in the Czech Republic focused on the issue of management methodologies – Agile and SCRUM.

Workshop goals

After finishing the workshop, you will know what Agile and SCRUM really mean. You will get an idea of whether it is suitable for your work. And if you have SCRUM implemented, you will learn where you deviate from its definition and how to set it up correctly.

Who is the workshop for

Anyone who wants to understand and decide whether to implement SCRUM in their software development or for entire SCRUM teams that want to learn how to make SCRUM better.

Why participate

  • You will understand what Agile really means
  • You will understand what SCRUM really means
  • We will demonstrate practical things from the implementation of SCRUM

Theory and practice

We will explain:

  • SCRUM goals
  • SCRUM principles and values
  • What is a team in SCRUM and the role of its members
  • SCRUM ceremonies
  • SCRUM artefacts
  • What does Definition of Done mean?
We will demonstrate the practicalities of the implementation of SCRUM:
  • Organisation and work with Backlog
  • Pricing
  • Planning
  • Statistics