A Platform for IoT, Telematics, Logistics and Industry 4.0

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INVENTI develops specialized platforms for monitoring and automatically administrating devices, remote diagnostics and optimisation of processes in the following fields:

  • IoT
  • Telematics
  • Logistics
  • Industry 4.0

Example of Use:

  • Optimisation of processes in logistics – fuel saving, stock logistics efficiency etc.
  • Remote diagnostics and remote management of machinery in production and transportation
  • Predictive failure diagnostics – preventing failures and malfunctions, timely detection and planning of repairs etc.
  • Shop Floor Management – solutions for safety and movement of employees in logistics and manufacturing

Benefits of solutions

  • They share a common technological base, but are delivered on a turnkey basis
  • Highly customizable solution for the needs of individual businesses
  • Related to Business Intelligence (BI) tools that provide reporting
  • Easy integration into your current tools thanks to an integration platform by INVENTI
  • Open source solution that does not require expensive licences

Solution parts

  • Collection of data from sensors and devices
  • Management and remote administration of devices
  • Modelling and visualisations
  • Presentations – user portal
  • Data available to other systems
  • Decision based on data (BI) and reporting