QA & testing consulting

Enhance your established practices and gain momentum for further growth. Utilize our expertise from numerous completed projects.

Customized consulting services and workshops tailored to your needs.

Best practices verified in practice on dozens of projects.

Extensive experience across various industries and fields.

Free introductory consultation for mapping out opportunities.

We'll uncover improvement potential for you at no cost and help you grow.

If you're struggling with low efficiency or quality in your software development, poorly configured processes and methodologies or an inadequate team skill set may be to blame. Properly executed quality management could be the solution.

In the initial free consultation, we'll identify areas that may need attention together. Then, we'll tailor a plan of activities based on your needs

Selected clients:

Individual consultations

Gain an outside perspective free from operational blindness. Utilize the expert knowledge of our consultants gathered while working on numerous diverse projects. No theorists, but experienced QA experts and test managers with years of practice.

The topic and format are up to you. We will fully adapt to your needs

Two hours of free consultation for your current needs.

Compilation of a plan to immediately improve your situation.

Identification of possible solutions and improvement potential.

Guaranteed adherence to the ISTQB methodology by a certified consultant.

Verification of your QA-focused processes.

Assistance in addressing weak points.

Identification of the greatest potential for improvement.

Immediate results visible throughout the entire development process.

Quality Assurance Audit

Maximize the quality of your development. Identify areas for improvement and leverage the expertise of our QA experts. The result will be increased team performance and reduced costs.

Take advantage of our free consultation to identify areas suitable for enhancement. Together, we'll determine a prioritized plan that will lead you to your goal

Testing audit

Gain a unique and comprehensive view of the state of your testing, including suggestions for improvement. We'll conduct a thorough and detailed audit of your team, process, and testing strategy.

You can choose the content and scope yourself:

  • Testing methodology audit
  • Application test automation audit
  • Application performance audit
  • Defect management audit

Verification of the complete setup of your testing.

Subsequent guidance on how to eliminate identified issues.

We focus on eliminating the root cause of potential issues.

Quick wins for immediate improvement in team performance.


Step-by-Step Testing Audit

We've compiled 10+ years of our own software testing experience into a clear guide full of practical advice and practices.


Testing Audit

We've compiled 10+ years of our own software testing experience into a clear guide full of practical advice and practices.

We believe in …

Going the extra mile

Our teams do whatever is needed to meet your expectations.

Proactive problem solving

Our experience allows us to predict and prevent common obstacles to success.

Deep expertise

Our professionals are among the most knowledgeable in their field.

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