New innovative premises in the centre of Prague

We have innovation not only in our name, but also in the design of our premises. Experience a friendly atmosphere supporting inspiration and a relaxed day in the modern Sheldon conference room for 40/80 people or in the smaller Leslie room for 15 people.

What we offer

About the premises

  • 3 conference rooms with daylight
  • Increased seating thanks to cascading benches
  • Sliding wall for space division
  • Writable black wall
  •   Modern coffee break zone
  •   Free Wi-Fi connection
  •   Write to events@inventi

Satisfied customers:

  • Czechitas
  • Mooza
  • Braincraft
  • Happines@Work
And all just 7 minutes from the Vyšehrad underground station.

We would be happy
to welcome you here

+420 273 132 640