What was 2022 like for us?

31. January 2023

It's time to review our previous year. Not because of nostalgia, but for self-reflection, which gives us the impetus to continually improve in the future. Striving to become an ever better partner for our clients and Inventors is our primary motivation. And because we don't want to keep anything to ourselves and like to share our experience with others, take a look back at the past year with us

When Inventors grow, we grow with them

It makes us so happy that Inventors are eager to keep pushing their boundaries and thriving. Last year, two Inventors themselves expressed interest in changing their positions, and we were happy to support their ambition. Martina Počalová was promoted to CFO and Honza Šilhavý to CDO. And they made the transition perfectly!

But it is also important for us to enrich the team with external experience. Before the end of the year, we teamed up with Honza Denemark who became our new CSO. He has more than 20 years of experience in top management and his background includes cooperating with the research and IT consulting company Gartner. Welcome, Honza!

Building partnerships just makes sense

We have combined the INVENTI vision with building strong relationships. As part of our long-term cooperation, we started new projects with some of our regular customers. For example, the one with the mysterious working title Newwork for GK Software, which we will be happy to tell you more about as soon as possible. Our customer AKESO Holding added a startup project Mindwell to its portfolio, for which we developed an eHealth application. The projects for EHG, CK Fischer and Famico are growing as well. Thank you for your trust!

We are equally happy about the new members of our client family. Worth mentioning are the startup projects Brokero, Strafos or the Swiss Inospin, for which we developed a blockchain system aimed at sharing newly discovered compounds between scientists and companies. But innovation doesn't just come from startups, and we're also proud to help major players like Sev.en Energy and Lasvit.

Developing is fine, but the goal is to deliver

The goal of our work is delivery. To breathe technological life into projects and help them shine on the market. Last year, we helped launch startups like XPass, Mindwell, Brokero and Strafos, and we also launched projects for Lasvit and Octopus. It's great to see the business results that our work brings to their visionaries.

You can't stop working on yourself.

2022 was a year of many changes and initiatives that advanced our professionalism. To improve our services and solutions, we created internal expert teams. We also built and refined our own work methodology, which we named IDA – the INVENTI Delivery Approach and put a face to it using AI. Additionally, we started preparing for TISAX and ISO certifications, as well as aiming for Gold Atlassian Partner status.

We are happy to say that we also became a Google Cloud Partner, Dun&Breadstreet included us in the AAA companies and we especially appreciate the Deloitte Best Managed Company award that we defended.

We are building on what the pandemic did not allow us to do

In 2022, after two years of the pandemic, we were able to resume our favorite events and gatherings without restrictions. We celebrated our 11th birthday with Inventors and customers, launched an intensive Hatcheries programme for IT juniors and enjoyed sporting events and a Christmas party. We educated ourselves not only in Java, testing or mobile development, but also in storytelling or FBI negotiation. It was a pleasure to start enjoying our time together again.

Inventors don't just think about themselves

At INVENTI, we are also proud to be involved in several charity initiatives. We are not indifferent to the situation in Ukraine or in our country. In support of Ukraine, INVENTI members organized financial and material collections and arranged transfers to Ukraine themselves. At the end of the year, they supported the ANO ANO organization that helps socially disadvantaged children. We supported them in all these activities and strengthened our collective aid.

Let’s learn from what went wrong

Of course, we faced some challenges in 2022 as well. We regret that the company atmosphere and culture we successfully built before COVID is very difficult to get back. Inventors have become a little more detached for the sake of all the on-remote and home-office benefits, and this is having an impact on our efficiency. However, we are already working on steps that will bring us all closer together again. 

2022 was certainly not an easy year, but it taught us a lot. We look forward to capitalizing on all of this in the story that 2023 has in store for us.