We Are Building Blockchain Solutions With Our Partner Tatum.io

29. April 2022

Blockchain has been the new buzz word. For many, the topic is still clouded in mystery. It is most associated with cryptocurrencies, but its uses can be much broader and more creative. For example, our team of Inventors recently embarked on a project that uses blockchain technology for scientific research. And it's not just for this reason that we have established a technology partnership with Tatum.io, a Brno-based startup with a global reach in blockchain technology that is experiencing a skyrocket start in Silicon Valley. 

What does the new blockchain solution in cooperation with Tatum bring to us and our customers?

First of all, though, what is blockchain?

At its core, blockchain is not quite as revolutionary a technology as most people believe it to be. All of the elements used by blockchain, such as internet connectivity, communication encryption (or cryptography) and transmission protocol, have been around for decades. The first mentions of cryptography date back to ancient Greece!

So what is so appealing about blockchain? It's the very way in which the technology has come to be used since 2009.  

The whole trick of blockchain is that it is a decentralized database that does not depend on one individual server, but on all machines together. So the complete database actually resides on all the machines in the system. Thus, removing data in one of them has zero chance of having an effect on the database. Checking of the data is then also decentralized. The authenticity of transactions is therefore protected by the entire system. The overview of the benefits and features of blockchain on the right was prepared by Libora Sitko, our analyst.

"Today, there is more to this technology than just 'mining cryptocurrencies' and companies are increasingly strategizing their focus on such projects of the future. Tatum.io is a company that helps others lay the building blocks according to their unique and specific ideas." reveals Libor Sitko, our analyst who is currently working on one of the blockchain projects at INVENTI. 

Tatum.io: on the route Brno – Silicon Valley – world

This startup from Brno, Czech Republic, is the first one to ever win in the prestigious accelerator SkyDeck, Silicon Valley, USA. It offers a unique platform for developers in the field of application development using blockchain.

Tatum.io provides a revolutionary framework that can, as Jiří Kobelka, CEO and co-founder of Tatum.io said himself, significantly shorten the entire application development process. In the past, the same process took a year or more depending on the complexity of the project! A great benefit for both the customer and the developer is the fact that the developer themself has the opportunity to fully focus on developing the unique requirements of the client.   

Picture  1 - How did blockchain get to Tatum.io? 

Benefits and features of blockchain: 

The system operates in a decentralized manner – i.e., it does not rely on trust in a central element (e.g., a state, bank, or other authority in the traditional sense) or on trust between any two arbitrary points in the system.

  • Transfers are faster under decentralization.
  • The database is more resistant to cyber-attacks. 
  • The database is transparent and anonymous.

Data is immutable. The database carries data that is authentic and undeniable. This integrity is protected by the mining and chaining process.

  • Blockchain guarantees the authenticity of its transactions through asymmetric cryptography.

The horizontal scalability of the blockchain is systemically capable of accommodating a large volume of transactions. It is even true that the more "blocks" in the network a blockchain has, the more stable its system is and will provide more computing power to further control the data.

– Libor Sitko –
Analyst at INVENTI

"The Tatum platform helps teams develop applications on top of the blockchain. It can reduce the time, risk and cost of project implementation. Thanks to us, developers can focus more on the actual development of the application."
Jiří Kobelka CEO Tatum

The so-called "plug'n'play" form means that Tatum.io has been able to pre-build up to 30 different blockchain forms with links to different cryptocurrencies. According to Libor Sitko, the icing on the cake is the fact that "Tatum blockchain retains its original benefits and therefore remains a virtually unforgeable form of asset exchange over the internet, 24/7, globally and anonymously". 

"At Tatum, we are streamlining the creation of versatile blockchain projects in the industry. INVENTI sees the potential in blockchain technology, which we are also trying to bring to the forefront of companies' interests. That's why we're happy to partner with this innovative technology company."
Jiří Kobelka CEO Tatum

INVENTI cooperation with Tatum.io

When a company wishes to incorporate blockchain into its solution, INVENTI's team of developers works closely with Tatum.io's consulting team to determine how to best meet the specific needs of the customer within the project.  

"When choosing a blockchain processing platform, it was 100% clear that it would be Tatum.io! They are professionals in their field and we have great communication with them and special consultation within our project on how to do it really well."
Libor Sitko Analyst v INVENTI

The fact that our team can work with advanced technologies that make a real difference in the world is exciting. We expect to be actively working on many more blockchain projects as part of our partnership with Tatum. Whether it be creating non-interchangeable tokens (NFTs) for scientific research, personal data in the context of, for example, e-government, improving the traceability of various products or decentralizing the funding of entities, etc.

Do you have a vision for a project using blockchain technology? Contact us.
We'd be happy to discuss the details of how to translate your vision into the digital world.

            – Radim Dodek –
             Delivery Manager