Marek Mach – A Sportsman and Traveller That Listens to Intuition and the People Around Him

Marek Mach is a co-founder of INVENTI, a technological and consulting software company, where he’s responsible for Business Development. He worked for multinational companies in the past. Besides INVENTI, he is also active in the Czech Federation of Okinawan Karate and Kobudo. He prides himself on long-term relationships with customers and mutual trust.

What made me happy at INVENTI and what made me sweat quite a bit

For me, the most pleasing moments at INVENTI are always when something good is accomplished. Whether it's the intelligent caravan solution project that was recently awarded in Germany or an app that truly helps people, like the Cognitive I.V.F. project which helps families with assisted reproduction. I am also happy when I see the solidarity of Inventors, like in the recent fundraiser for tornado-hit Moravia.

The positive feedback from satisfied customers also brings me great joy. I am similarly pleased with the welcoming atmosphere that prevails in our company and that is also often mentioned and appreciated by the guests.

Marek with the co-founder of INVENTI Jan Kaštura.

There have been many difficult moments though. Whether it was becoming independent from Artin, parting ways with one of our partners, firing people, saying goodbye to some customers or dealing with difficult situations on projects, which is our daily bread. At crucial moments, I have always relied on intuition and the support of my partners. 

And when I look to the future, where I would like to see INVENTI in ten years, I see a strong, confident company that routinely executes complex projects in the Czech Republic and abroad. From the beginning, I’ve seen INVENTI as a company where very interesting people meet, where strong and long-term relationships are built, and which is gradually penetrating more and more foreign markets. I look forward to customers and partners who would never think of working with anyone else, and to new Inventors who will be proud to be part of INVENTI. 

What else should you know about Mark?

What else should you know about Mark?
I'm an eternal optimist. I always try to look on the bright side of the world. I like the company of friends and meeting new people. 

I make friends with ease and love building long-term relationships. I believe in their strength. It makes everything work better in my private and professional life and, most importantly, everything is much more fun. Over the years, some of my friends have become business partners and vice versa. 

A huge support and my lifelong kind and honest critic is my wife Sonia. Our life is never boring thanks to our two lively sons. 

I have been practicing karate since my childhood. I am a black belt and also an executive of the Czech Federation of Okinawan Karate and Kobudo, which is a traditional style of karate and kobudo originating directly from Okinawa. In Veltrusy, where I live, I train 20 small karate players, including my sons. This experience has improved my management skills profoundly. :) 

Traveling is my big hobby. I love to explore new countries and cultures. I taste local specialties, learn about local customs, sights, history, and try to understand the mentality of people. In short, I love touching, tasting and smelling other parts of the world. I consider it the basis of a broader human outlook.