Growth of People Is a Priority at INVENTI

Our philosophy, defined by Jan Kaštura when he founded INVENTI, is "It's about the people". That's why we make it a priority to continuously build an environment to support everyone's growth. Opportunities for continuous, professional training, sharing the know-how of our senior experts with colleagues and the public and the openness of the system for personal growth send a clear signal. The individual stories of our colleagues show that we do not stop at promises.

Internal training 

At INVENTI, there are a number of regular training courses that everyone can use to expand their knowledge and skills. This month, for example, there were four courses – a workshop on Terraform, another workshop on Regex, a course for intermediate Javists and finally a DevOps competency training for non-IT people. In other words, it doesn't matter how deeply you are immersed in the IT world, at INVENTI, we are always looking to expand your knowledge, whether you are a programmer with many years of experience or perhaps a beginning HR professional.

What makes us happiest about these courses is the fact that they are usually organized by our own people and based on our own initiative. What at first glance may sound like bragging about our expertise is mainly a testament to the fact that INVENTI really works as a team, with everyone contributing their bit to help others.

Systematic support and growth of professionals

No matter how long a person has been with us, we always make sure that they can develop and move forward as much as possible. And it's not necessarily just about career progression within the company hierarchy, but above all about professional expertise. Our goal is not a crowd of mediocrities, but a great team of specialists, each of whom is the absolute top of their field or is heading there. It was through INVENTI Academy that we found Gabriela.

"During my maternity leave, I was trying not to slack off and develop my skills and came across the analytics academy organized by INVENTI. I got so caught up in it that after my maternity leave I joined the company as a tester. Today I am working as a test leader and as an analyst. I'm thinking that maybe I would like to try a managerial position and I have the full support of my boss Filip. But I definitely don't want to lose touch with the analysis itself, because I really enjoy it."

Working at INVENTI as a way to fulfill your dreams

And it's not just about developing skills and abilities. Our goal is for everyone to grow where their heart takes them. For example, Filip, a team leader at the time, came with a vision to travel the world, but to do so he needed to work fully remotely. Nothing and no one was stopping him. Quite the contrary. Now Filip is the head of the entire testing department, and we enjoy his travel notes on our blog.

"I've always been attracted to the idea of travelling and working at the same time. Before I started managing an entire competency remotely, we put it to a test for a few months. Then, when I actually left, I found that because of how great my team is and how INVENTI fully supports me in this dream, we can really do it."

From a programmer to the co-owner of the company

And while we're sharing our colleagues' life stories, I can't help but share mine.

I joined INVENTI in 2012 as a Java developer and gradually worked my way up to Team Leader. At my suggestion, in 2015, INVENTI's Pilsen branch was established, which I eventually led. In 2019, the owners started looking for someone with a technology background to lead the company and I became Chief Delivery Officer. In 2020, I then became the CEO of the entire company as well as the co-owner. Since then, I've been trying to target international markets and Europe a lot more with the company. Overall, we are trying to make the INVENTI name synonymous with a professional development company known throughout Europe.

Whether you want to reach for the senior management positions, dive deeper into your industry or explore and push your boundaries, at INVENTI, we will do everything we can to ensure that no one has to hold back too much in their dreams.