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React academy
You have already got familiar with CSS and HTML, but desire to dive deeper into the world of React? Now you have a unique opportunity, as we’re going to make a real Junior React mate of you!
Schedule of classes
1.4. - 30.6.2019
Praha, Táborská 31
To develop a sample app under the supervision of our instructors. To master React as a tool for web apps creating. To gain basics in methodologies of development theory and graphic design and UX.
What you can expect
12 lessons scheduled on Monday and Thursday from 6 to approx. 8 p.m. + final certification. Sample realization of a project from design to development. Homeworks and practical tasks. Bring appetite for learning new things and positive mindset.
What topics are prepared
Introduction to project. Basics in UX design. Basics in React. Routing. Connecting of an app to back-end. Advanced access (custom hooks, server-side rendering, context).
Knowledge of HTML and CSS, any programming experience.
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Contact us
If you have any questions, contact us via email and put the type of academy as a subject.
Picture of an acadeby
Picture of an acadeby
Martin Macháček
Warranter of the academy
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